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LOGIN Training Center

With over 250 Training Program in Languages, IT, Business and Personal Development Training Programs in UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, France, England, Turkey, Malaysia, and USA. We always keep the hard work to maintain being your number one choice for training and Consulting services!

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Our Vision

Log In Training Center JLT aims at becoming a unique global educational brand through fostering a new personalized, comprehensive and result oriented training method.

Our Mission

Build and maintain a team of highly qualified and internationally certified professionals. Create, reinforce and maintain a productive and cheerful community adopting highly ethical culture. Promote practical and effective approach in training, focusing on personal human aspects. Provide a high quality, comprehensive and result oriented services.

LOGIN History

Part One: The Pursuit of Happiness

In the year 2006, Yassmina and Shams, both holding majors in human studies, psychology and business, and both had been working in the field of training, asked the following question:

“Our market is opening doors to the global markets. Super! But how can all the good people we know compete on international standards? How can they be ready for upscale in no time?” Coming from a place of love and with passion for education they started a search that soon led to a more fundamental question, as it is the case when the quest is sincere.

We eventually found ourselves looking for ways to activate the power of knowledge that people have in order to empower them achieve what they want to end up happier people

Part two: The Answer

“Humanizing the Quest, Process and the Goal”. This was the answer in simple words that concluded the long search and which, however, needs and is going to be put in books for explanation.

Based on this answer we have developed our method of training. Throughout the way, we had put our method in practice and witnessed glamorous results in several environments and diversified cases, in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Iraq, and others. Soon the method we developed drove us to a vision, which has become our dream.

Part three: Realization of a Dream

From Damascus, the land of love, we packed and flew to Dubai, the land of dreams. On arrival all what we had was: a vision and a lot of determination to make a dream come true, until we met another

Shams who believed in our vision as much as we did and afforded the investment and so closed the circle, which created the circuit of light.

With essential factors found: the right people, vision, resources and in the right place and time, Log In Training Center JLT was established in Dubai in 2013.

Why choose us?

35 Highly qualified, holding international certificates with long experience in their field of training, and passion.

Gathering a pool of people with the previously mentioned qualifications and with the same belief and the same way of thinking will normally create a community. Log In Training Center is where knowledge of various fields gather in one place for the purpose of helping people grow happy. In Log In Training Center community, once you are in, you will always benefit from all what a unique community offers.

Log In Training approach is humanized through:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Personalized Goal
  • Experiential learning and humanized Training Approach
  • Achievement Measurement

  • Independence in learning
  • Creativity
  • Self-awareness and exploration
  • Self-confidence
  • Positivity
  • New skills


If you are a student seeking training, Log In Training Center offers various financial solutions, starting from offering installment plan for fees payment and discounted charges to free scholarships.


Free career training consultancy In every course delivered to increase environmental awareness through tips, discussions, information and videos Free scholarship to student to selected courses


We deliver courses and services in: UAE | Turkey | Saudi | Oman | England | France | Malaysia